Small artist table for children, DIY children’s furniture

This artist table is as sweet a children’s furniture for your children, if you are looking for, you can make this table easily yourself.

Artist table children's furniture

You can remodel a small wooden table that you already have at home, or one you buy washed (natural) wood in construction, well affordable stores. You can also do it from the base, with these very simple instructions.

Small table for artists

You will need a wooden table MDF 15 mm thickness, and 100 x 100 cm of surface. For the legs, we turning emos four strips of softwood (like pine) of about 5-8 cm in thickness (and an approximate height of 60 to 80 centimeters, depending on the height of your children), and will use self piercing screws for wood and white tail.

Infants table children's furniture

It begins by turning the legs, giving them charm. For this idea we chose to reproduce the form of crayons, for which we’ll be slashing one end cone shaped, using blades, saws, brush or tool with which you have more skill. Remember to start thinning at the same height in four slats and then using a white or light pencil, color coverage area, the tip of the mine and the wooden pencil. If you want you can grind wood, giving the characteristic hexagonal shape of pencils.

Table children's furniture ideas

It forms the structure of this original child table by gluing and screwing, from the top, lid and all four legs. Remember to press firmly the screws, lowering them just on the surface of the table and then covering with Put TY of carpentry (wood with white-tailed flour mix). Let dry and matches the surface with sandpaper. Also a bit debases the angles you the edges of the lid, to give security to the piece.