Small kitchen clever set up – variants & tips for the best use of space

What a small kitchen area or area means is differently understood by different people. While for a small one it is a small or narrow space, others understand a small working surface. Even in a narrow space, a large work surface can be created, while others can be dispensed with. In principle, therefore, it is purely a matter of opinion. The fact that the space by cooking and possibly also eating but no less attractive must be, we would like to prove to you in this article. We have put together some examples of a small kitchen of both types, but they are still true jewels. Get inspired by your friends and family. Get inspired by your friends and share your loved ones with a personal message!

small-kitchen-African-make-shelves tableware-deco-countertop-bar sink

The trick in the design of small kitchens is to use the available space in the best way and not only to accommodate all important appliances, but also to create enough space without the whole thing being too crowded and oppressive. This becomes all the more difficult if a dining table is also to be accommodated. To make a small kitchen clever, you can consider some tips and tricks that can be more than helpful. All in all, everything depends on size, shape and your needs. For this reason, you should be aware of what you value.

small-kitchen-blue-modern-country style-white-tile-natural stone-countertop

  • Are you ready to refrain from storage space or work areas to accommodate other pieces of furniture, or is the space for storing dishes and other items for you?
  • Corner kitchens are without a doubt sympathetic, but in some cases simply unsuitable. Make compromises!
  • Their needs determine the choice of household appliances and thus also the arrangement of the kitchen cabinets.
  • The cooking island is a luxury that many dreams of. Think carefully if this is appropriate for your room.
  • Space-saving furniture and solutions can be very helpful in the furnishing.

small-kitchen-breakfast counter-glossy-white-black-wood-kitchen back wall small-kitchen-country style-blue pastel-color-wall design-wallpaper small-kitchen-four-color-wood-white-yellow-accent-blue-plate-fitted wardrobe Small-kitchen-high-gloss-white-sliding-door-kitchen-cabinet-terrace-door small-kitchen-island kitchen-wheels-mobil-space-saving-floor tiles small-kitchen-kitchenette-living room-sitting area-sofa-dining table small-kitchen-light gray-kitchen-sink island-modern-design small-kitchen-low-ceiling-wood-bole-countertop-open-shelves small-kitchen-minimalism-style kitchen-glass doors-wardrobe-doors sliding-laminate small-kitchen-minimalist-l-form-white-roof sloping wood-shelves-wall unit small-kitchen-monochrome-white-bright-device-tips-ideas Small-kitchen-narrow-room-dining-area-splash-tile-work-panel-wood small-kitchen-open counter-bar stools-wood-brown-white-pendant lights small-kitchen-open-residential kitchen-yellow-kitchen-island-black pendant lights small-kitchen-tiles mirror-colored-colored-pattern-stool-sitting possibility small-kitchen-top cabinets-shelves-combining laminate-dark small-kitchen-traditional apartment-African-space-u-form idea small-kitchen-u-form-Scandinavian country house-parquet-window