Small Living Room Designs With Taste

Not necessary to spend a fortune for renewable r the lounge and leave beautiful and modern. This is follow a few tips and tricks to do on a budget.

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1. Redistribute to achieve a bright and spacious living room:
To this we must add curtains to let in more light. As the seats weigh less, they can be placed in the center of the room so the room is more clear. In addition, the sofa can be attached to the pard to facilitate passage to the dining room. Another point which improves the lighting and the amplitude is the clear paint.


2nd. Choice of fabrics:
Dressing windows will cheaper if instead of combining curtains and net curtains, curtains and blinds curtains .. just put. Now there is a wide variety of styles that can take the place of curtains. I recommend choosing them linen or polyester and measuring between 2.80 to 3 meters.

modern living room with tv

3rd. The dining room and the desktop:
If the chair is moving site earns pair add a work area with desk. Thus, the room moves from behind the sofa and so entered into a desk. You can also lighten and make light if dresser changes into a clear console and putting white covers to sofas.

4th. Papering only one wall:
Papering only one wall is a good idea. With it on the smaller SAON changes completely and nothing comes out expensive. Another idea is to put baskets on the shelf; give it another go and also, as you may have gathered, help maintain order.

Orange Living Rooms decor

5th. Betting on flowers and plants:
Always works great. You can put some green branches of the garden or street in a vase or cup. The other room will look. Sep ude also change the lampshades or wallpapering the back.

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