Smoothie recipes in a layered look: Colorful drinks for the summer

Rainbow Food immediately creates a good mood and makes you happy. Perhaps because you are connected with the rainbow always beautiful things like sun and spring. So after the rainbow cake, the trend continues to the smoothie stacks. Layer by layer, much different fruit and vegetable piles are stacked in a glass. If you lack the inspiration, what ingredients you can combine, we have put together some delicious smoothie recipes for you. Just try this cool food trend!

Smoothie berry-yogurt-ombre-look

The secret to the perfect smoothie stack lies in the consistency of the different layers. All layers should be thick enough to avoid mixing with each other during pouring. A trick: You can use frozen fruits or put the finished smoothie mixes into the freezer for a short time to achieve the desired consistency. Alternatively, chia seeds can also be used as binders.

A cup of milk and/or yoghurt form the perfect foundation of the smoothie. The mixture of 100 grammes of yoghurt, a frozen banana and 1/4 cup of water is also very suitable. The frozen banana should be thawed 5 minutes before pureeing. If you want, you can also use almond, oat, tear or coconut milk instead of cow’s milk. The different ingredients for each layer are added separately into the blender and creamed pure. Ensure that the less liquid there is, the more viscid the consistency will be. Some ingredients like Greek yoghurt, bananas and avocado increase the chance that the smoothie becomes frothy-creamy.

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