So let small rooms look bigger – 7 tips for the bedroom

We to Germans are rent people. If one compares the interest of our population which lives in an own house or own house, with other EU member states, this will be particularly clear. Here with just once 52% we lie in the last place. To the comparison: with top rider Romania there are 96%! To live to the rent means in most cases to have to get out the optimum of relatively few place. Since the least rented apartments are so extensively that you can about several big spaces ordered. Just in the bedroom no other pieces of furniture often fit near cupboard and bed. The consequence: space looks very small and restrained. One can change this circumstance, however, lightly if one pays attention to the organisation and equipment of the bedroom – or another small space – to some tips and to tricks. Which are this, we explain to you in this article.
bedroom-lighting downlights-led shelves
A basic rule of the interior arrangement is: brightness creates size. Accordingly, you should go forward with a rather close space. Paint walls and blanket wide in bright sounds, possibly in white or in pastel inks. Renounce, besides, sample, because they prevent that the eye comes to the peace. If too many impressions on the viewer one beat, moreover, space looks overloaded and thereby again very much restrained.
Paint the blanket in another colour than the walls, you can increase the room by a simple trick still farther optically. Apply the wall colour not to completely at the top, but release 10-20 cm wide patrols at the high end. You paint this in the same colour like the blanket. So space looks directly higher and therefore also bigger.
small bedroom larger-effect-can-wall mirror-window-bright-colored small-bedroom-cream-color wall carpet small-bedroom-light gray-turquoise-mint-mirror small-bedroom-romantic-blue-white-curtains-e1494488652401 small-bedroom-schabby-chic-powder pink wall color small-bedroom-white-gray-trim