Sofa bird’s nest, a comfortable and original design

OGE Creative Group Design Studio presented an original, creative and very comfortable sofa called Birdnets Sofa-“bird’s nest sofa“.

Sofa Bird Nest bird nest 1

Birdnets Sofa was conceived and created as a prototype new and inspiring for socialization spaces in our home. This design is completely different from what we know in terms of furniture design since this sofa truly simulates the structure of a bird nest with a circular shape and a wood finish that recalls the branches that the birds build their nests.

Sofa bird nest Bird Nets

Inside the sofa boasts large cushions (poofs) that allow ergonomic seat positions and several egg-shaped configurations that give great comfort to the user, these can have different types of prints.

Sofa Birdnets nest Bird 4

The nest comes in several sizes, sofa is produced on request and can be built in various sizes from a small and cozy nest for 2-3 people to a great version 4.50 m diameter which can accommodate up to 16 people simultaneously.

This sofa provides a perfect, comfortable space for relaxation, inspiration, surfing the internet, reading, relax, talk, etc…

Bird's Nest couch

Sofa Birdsnest

Sofa Design bird nest 2

Sofa Nets Bird nest Bird 3