Sofa in grey and yellow seems slashed by a knife

There are today so many original pieces of furniture. But really each one in its own way is impressive and can be viewed almost as a work of art. The same is true also of the sofa in grey and yellow, which we would like to introduce in this article. The design comes from the British Charlotte Kingsworth. Due to the sofa, there is also a stool.

sofa in gray and yellow stool slot möbeldesign

The special feature of the design is that it seems like the pieces of furniture had been slashed with a knife. Thus, a slot that is also perfect for storing magazines or other things is created in the stool. The sofa seems in turn to open like a wound which the yellow fabric is ‘ revealed’. That represents the original seat. In addition a cylinder-like form for the sofa. The remaining Tetilien are grey. The sofa in grey and yellow, as well as the stools have also just legs in metal. This in a semicircular shape, which embrace the sofa end of the sofa. At the same time, a lighter leather belt protects the fabric of the sofa from rubbings.

sofa modern style in gray and yellow furnishing idea

Below you can see a few more pictures of the modern and fancy sofa in grey and yellow. Certainly you will want as a model then. And it would look, as we find in every modern furnishing style good!

sofa gray yellow leg metal modern round leather belts

sofa gray yellow sketch design charlotte king worth

sofa gray yellow stool fabric slot idea

sofa in gray and yellow slot magazine stools Design