Sofas retro colors

Looking decorating magazines to identify the latest trends, has caught my attention how lavish retro style furniture lately, especially those of the 70 and 80. Seats (sofas, armchairs, chairs …) are some of the elements of this style that I like, especially when they are renewed with colorful tapestries. The quilted shines in these parts, especially if you add cheerful and fun touches like the colored buttons. Would you know how to integrate this type of fine retro furniture to decorate your home?

Retrieve the “jewels” of the family
First, take a look at your home, your parents or grandparents, the cellar … You might be perfectly lucky to find one of these “gems” retro abandoned, hoping to revive in full color. If so, the soltéis Take her and no. You can renew the legs and other wood by sanding lightly and applying a coat of satin varnish, well spread. Then, pick a fabric and bright vivid color (preferably flat) and bring the piece to upholster. Do not fail to tell the upholsterer who want colored buttons for quilted: you can bring yourself to avoid confusion. It is an important detail.
Combine colors without fear

The three models that you see in these pictures are part of the signature collection Darlings of Chelsea, and are named after the heroines of the works of William Shakespeare. Rosaline is the name of the precious yellow sofa, while the blue armchair called Titania, and the rose, Viola. The firm offers the possibility of upholstering each piece in the desired color. This type of furniture is great if you combine the colors: Imagine a sofa and two armchairs yellow roses on a light wood floor in a room with white walls and many green leafy plants. They are also perfect to give life to an untapped corner of the house, creating a retro decor point that contrasts with the rest of the environment.