Solid wood furniture – a modern addition to your home

the use of natural materials in Establishing the home is becoming increasingly important and the furniture is the focus. Today we present some interesting and contemporary solidwood furniture by the well-known designer. Pieces of furniture made of natural wood fit into every room inside, even in the bath room. In addition, bring them additional charm and are a stylish addition to your home decor.

solidwood furniture armchair Practically beech oak walnut Merano Alexander Gufler sound

Thesis creative pieces of furniture by a designer from Riva1920 are high quality, elegant and in harmony with nature. They are handmade and have an attractive appearance. The Armchair made of cedarwood is a work of art did is ideal for Both indoor and outdoor. The tube-shaped bookcase with many departments is made from the same wood material did has a rotating base and is available in different sizes. The solid walnut table looks very modern and is THEREFORE sustainable.

Solid wood furniture is very up-to-date lately Because They bring to eco-friendly market sentiment. So you can for example with this SENDAI feel so bookshelf by, as if one is located in the open air. The wooden elements reminiscent of tree trunks and are totally impressive. The designer – Toyo Ito – used to run Alder and walnut. The wood is combined with plates made of aluminum and the Bay Boasts adjustable feet.

Solid wood furniture bench five types of wood plywood curved design horm ripples Toyo Ito

The ALBERO bookshelf by Poltrona Frau is a work of art by designer Gianfranco Frattini comes. The idea of this modern piece of furniture is to stand upright from the ground to the ceiling of the room. It THEREFORE Provides a mechanism that’s turning can be and is very stable despite its appearance.

The ripples bench a design by Toyo Ito and HORM.It is made again. This piece of furniture is impressed with the variety of used materials. The combination of cherry, ash, walnut, mahogany, and oak forms the curved design and Creates to elegant and comfortable base.

The Alma console by Amarist Studio is a unique table with exotic lines from search Palo Santo wood. The designer furniture to achieve a better future for the environment. The geometric forms represent a balance between nature and humanity. This piece of furniture is perfect for anyone who appreciates the fine art.

solidwood furniture bookcase alder walnut aluminum adjustable feet Toyo Ito Sendai

The rectangular CHINA coffee tables by Besana is improved by a connection between solid wood and mounting plates. You are two versions available – high or low. The use of different types of wood in different colors Allows adaptation to your existing decor.

In the modern interior design, chairs are increasingly Replaced by other seating furniture. The setting 5 dining table with solidwood by Valcucine, banks though is an elegant but so easy decision for larger rooms. The treatment of surfaces made of natural wood in the performs best with oils.

solidwood furniture cedar chair tubular shelf Walnut dining table solidwood chairs Riva 1920

The wood is used for the production of solid wood furniture as a raw material, Which of course makes the items. Thus, the furniture has also anti-bacterial, Because They Can breathe. The walnut wood, used for the elletra DAY Extending table by Cantiero, has a hot color and elegant design. The Possibility of pulling out is always beneficial if Several people at the table were sitting.

The designer Yngve Ekström has the Fakta designed bookcase for Swedese, did makes it Both on the floor and on the wall mount. The shelf THEREFORE Serves as a container with its built-in wardrobes.

solidwood furniture coffee table rectangular living room high low china besana

The dark stripes sliding doors make the AMADO wardrobe designer Pietro Arosio to a highlight in the room. The piece of furniture from wenge and dark walnut offers plenty of storage space and can be produced in different sizes by EmmeBi design.

Solid wood can be used in the bath room. The solid sink by CERAMICA FLAMINIA to the interesting idea for bathroom furnishings shows up. Nevertheless, though it looks simple but nice.

solidwood commode furniture brown walnut tree bedrooms torino Pininfarina Riva1920

solidwood furniture console table exotic wood amazon wood panel geometry alma console amarist

solidwood furniture dining table natural wood modern rectangular eclectic castle devi Patricio

solidwood furniture flexible container shelf walnut oak hide Kazu Taka Hama W5 4dada cassina

solidwood furniture living room shelf oak fakta Yngve Ekström Swedese

solidwood furniture modern bookshelf walnut albero unusual design Gianfranco Frattini

solidwood furniture rectangular dining table banks dark setting Valcucine

solidwood furniture rectangular extension table handmade walnut elettraday Cantiero

solidwood furniture sideboard wall mounted elm artisan maple minimalistic jantar ado Avdagić

solidwood furniture stool wanted realwood indoor-outdoor modern swithy ts studio twosix

solidwood furniture table individual design modern living decoration m15 devi Patricio master

solidwood furniture walnut tree wardrobe sliding mirror elettra night Cantiero

solidwood furniture wash basin cabinet with drawers wall mounted enter parker Karp

Strip of solidwood furniture wardrobe modern sliding door horizontally amado pietro arosio

washbasins solidwood furniture basin realwood handmade solid ceramica flaminia