Solid wood table from a tree trunk – interior of Zorzi

Open living areas are very modern. Let spacious smaller rooms without disturbing the intimate atmosphere. But open-plan areas are not only inside very attached. Would you feel free and also close to nature in your garden, you can choose an open design for him.

Romantic dining area open to solid wood interior flooring covering hot idea ambience

How to reach it? Simply by omitting walls and fences. This was done in the following example. It’s a House with all modern conveniences, including a solid wood table from a tree trunk, which is located in Yallingup in Australia. The design was developed by Adrian Zorzi. Thanks to the missing fencing to get a unique look at the Meadow, a pond and the bridge from the inside of the House with solid wood table from a tree trunk. The large window front in the living room helps, which has a length of 10 meters.

Solid wood table bole design dining table fireplace window front

Not only the solid wood table impressed in this interior. Its slightly rustic look is wonderfully combined with a modern design for the chairs. In addition an attractive laminate flooring in a brighter look. A true eye-catcher is also the side table in the living room. The solid wood table is right next to a stunning sofa in brown leather, which is wonderful in the light environment.

Solid wood beds stone garden design table terrace

Also boards can be described as solid wood. As the solid wood seems to be an important part of the Interior of this House, not on the terrace it. An outdoor kitchen, a hexagonal wood table and garden chairs are on a dark wooden floor, which is in turn protected from wind and Sun by a canopy. The design of the bathroom is just as remarkable as the solid wood table. Not only the window in the shower area ensures a bright atmosphere. Also the combination of white tile and beige stone look, contribute to a unique interior design.

table solid wood australia interior design living room black leather sofa

And so the great broadcasting can be recovered out of the solid wood table, a bench made of solid wood material was set up simply. From her you can look at the attractive garden and relax. Not only large stones that form a pretty rockery serve solid wood table from a tree trunk – to the garden design in the small courtyard. Large, modern planter in black color serve as eye-catchers and fit beautifully to the joists.

table solid wood landscaping stone façade lawn white wood

Not only and hence the solid wood table from a tree trunk makes for a rustic or Mediterranean flair. Also the bright stone walls that decorate both the Interior and the façade out make a big contribution. Who has a roof terrace and spend too much time there and can use not only such minimalist stool to drinking coffee. The Mediterranean atmosphere can be expanded also by a further solid wood table and form a special area to relax.

table solid wood around terrace fire bowl metal lawn open garden

A minimalist garden design characterizes the outdoor area of this home with solid wood table from a tree trunk. Only a lawn area and large stones here and there to decorate the plot. In this way, obstacles that could interfere with the view, be prevented. For a solid wood table you don’t have space in this seating area though, but it prevents the owner not to make an evening by the fire in the open air. This is made possible by a fire Bowl in rust finish.

Solid wood table roof terrace stone wall course material handrails

Here you see the reason for the open garden design. The House uses the natural pond with solid wood table from a tree trunk to give a natural look to the garden. On the existing Jetty, you can perfectly enjoy the pond and listening to the frogs at the croaking. The solid wood table from a tree trunk is not everything has to offer the House including plot in great things so long ago.

concrete washbasins massive wooden table adrian zorzi bathroom tiles optics beige

table solid wood gravel ground beam black steingaarten inspiration daytime area

table solid wood outdoor course planting pond architecture

table solid wood pergola yallingup beams dark

table solid wood pond nature plot web hills landscape

table solid wood stone fireplace ivory color modern chairs design

table solid wood terrace design wood canopy sitting area