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This week we had a rather atypical case and some technical complications. But why the blog team stopped responding to Veronica, who needed to set his ideas foyer.


Mailde told us: “We have to fix some details prior to any response because styles, materials and colors are very mixed.” There are very conditioning ingredients such as columns (surely meet load bearing walls) and the difference screed difficult assembling a better control room or space limits.

To gather what was said during the week and order some solution, I put together a list of tips:

– To give you an income containment, incorporate a lamp that works as a virtual roof over the front door. Need not be large scale, can be a model as é ste that appeared in the week.

– For the boundary that marks the floor it more clear, one option is to emphasize more circulation, removing that feeling of disorder defined by Pamela_sum. could be incorporated along a path of movement and emphasize it more with paintings, prints and photos framed on the wall.

-A simpler option would be to apply color as suggested MPantufla. Ideally do it on the wall of the flow as shown in the completely level and where the opening of the bar. An intense blue would go well with the natural color and gray cobblestones floor, plus bring a fresh feeling to the space that the current red.

-If the idea is to generate an environment that gives the feeling of being an interior-exterior could add some red ceramic pots with plants on the railing of the stairs. This also much soften the presence of iron.

-As to bajoescalera not only would place a hold but also add some shelves for the residual space transformation from being a place to locate books, objects, ornaments, etc..

-Incorporating sidewalks and all kinds of accessories, it is best to respond to the architecture of the place, choosing those that are not too modern but rather neutral and have more to do with the architectural style of the box.

-It is important to think about redesigning the lighting so that will not be a dark place, as I said Pato2011. A serious option to move the iron chandelier in the center of the cobblestone floor space, also replace the red screens in a neutral color.
With these points I covered the space can adopt a new aesthetic.

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