Solutions for decorating small spaces

Find an apartment or home that is spacious enough to be able to keep all the things we want or put all the furniture that we like is a difficult task, especially when the cities are increasingly more populated and are no spaces. Faced with this problem we have to adapt and to hold each space to exploit every corner of our home.

Homes with limited spaces when we decorate, save and incuse circle inside the home. Optimize the use of space is vital to achieve neat and enjoyable spaces. Fortunately more and more designers to take into account the spaces and create alternatives to achieve that look bigger environments and functional.

Reduced Space Bedrooms
Finding the right furniture is crucial to maximize space. For example if your bedroom is too small we will waive the queen size bed for a conventional size. Replace the chairs we have in our bedroom for a backless stool also save space and overall appearance of the room will be more clear.

Furniture for small spaces
When buying furniture should opt for those that have curved sides, so we can move more easily and be less dangerous for small household.

Colors and floor for small spaces
In small spaces is preferable to use bright colors, bright and bold look that will live and the larger place. Furthermore, wood floors longboards Vertical stripes also create the impression that the rooms are larger.

Small space kitchens
In the kitchen is a good idea to place open shelves for crockery, paintings, decorative flowers and anything you want to place. In this way we are becoming a more welcoming place while we take every space.

The decor is also important part of the optimization of space, and for that I recommend you see posts decorating small spaces and 10 ways to make a room look larger .