Some tips to personalize your office

Whether you work in your home or office, it is important that the space is yours. Being surrounded by your favorite things you can not only help you feel more comfortable, but also to work better and be more creative. Follow these simple ideas that can help you create a personal space where you can work more comfortable.


If your work rules can not decorate your office, the simplest way to customize it with colorful material. Use a container of pencils and pens that you like, a notebook with a modern design on the lid or stationery. You can also find sharpeners, pins, drills and other materials with colorful finished.


If your job is stressful, surround yourself with things that remind you of what you love. Hang shirts and favorite places travel, tickets to concerts I’ve gone, your favorite team memorabilia and photos of your friends and family. Find creative ways to hang these memories, and clipboard (shown) or in picture frames ways.


Lighting is important, especially in an office. Surely you have enough ceiling light, but a lamp can also give you more personality to your desktop. Do not be content with a single pedestal office choose one style. If you have room, choose one with a different large screen.