Spa resort “The Tent” is built on a steep slope

This small spa resort was built in June 2014 on behalf of a resort with mineral springs “i-resort hot spring” in Viet Nam. “The Tent” is characterized by a spectacular roof construction, which gives an atmosphere of openness. The highlight is definitely the mineral water swimming pool, embedded in the ground and with shimmering, turquoise water. The tent is a remarkable project by a21studio.

Vietnamese spa resort hotel thatched roof follows the slope inclination

The tent provides accommodation and protection from the Vietnamese heat. The mini-spa resort is perched on the slope of a hill above the town of Nha Trang city. The alignment to the adjacent River provides amazing panoramic views over the city centre and the peaceful area. The tent provides a retreat, pure relaxation, isolated from the outside world, but also promoting more physical activity.

upstairs bedroom hotel open design steep roof a21studio the th

The tent is built under the dark shadows of a steep thatched roof, its sensational roof construction made of wood is essentially supported by the rock. The steep roof prevent the penetration of sunlight into the plant and protect them from contamination and excessive warming by sunlight. The eaves of the roof and parts of the canopy are carefully positioned so that you can enjoy beautiful views.

steep roof supported by rock the tent hotel with mineral water swimming pools

Mainly local materials were used – dry stacked stone, palm leaves, reinforcing steel for the construction. Different tiles in different colours give the plant an organic look. The tent is 126 square metres in size and is distributed on two floors: the upper floor accommodates two private bedrooms, surrounded by wooden frames and colored glazing. Аuf the ground floor extends to the mineral water swimming pool up to the edge of the area. The effect of light falling through the stained glass window gives different strong colors on the recycled furniture inside.

The tent thatched roof property protection from heat Vietnamese

thatched roof under construction wood upstairs private rooms basement pool

tent-like construction resort spa spa hot mineral springs vietnam

modern hotel spa steep roof top sleeping flat stone floor design

outside shower tiles rustic stone walls Mediterranean drywall

Small worn HotelSpa Resort tent-like roof structure from the rock

Sources wooden roof construction steep slope management infinity pool mineral water

spa hotel offers relaxation rest retreat isolated from the outside world

spa hotel the tent glass colorful bedroom walls of stone drywall

Mineral water spa resort The Tent built on a steep slope vietnam

luxury hotel with mineral water infinity pool a21studio nha trang the tent city vietnam

hotel on the hillside infinity pool illuminated at night huge marquees form

a21studio the tent resort nha trang mineral pool on city vietnam

a21studio the tent hotel resort i resort hot spring hot mineral springs

Design Hotel on hand ensures amazing panoramic views