Spacious modern semi-detached house with lots of light

Spacious modern terraced house with natural light This modern terraced house is a renovation project of Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, an architectural firm based in Toronto, Canada.


The original house was dark and narrow, and located in a densely populated district. The cooperation with the architectural firm resulted in Through House, a House with a light and spacious feel. The Interior was extended to a more direct contact with a piece of the garden.


The backyard was attractively designed and finished with whitewashed wooden floors. The garden is inviting décor. In this way, the more pleasant for residents to spend more time outside.


From the different rooms in the House, there is always a direct sense of contact with the garden. The binnenvloer was extended to the exterior. As a result, the feeling of contact with the outside environment boosted. In addition, indoor use made of natural materials which makes it feel even more nature.


The dark and cramped interior was completely pulled out. The inside of the House was a lot lighter and more spacious. The property is furnished with eccentric and charming new living accessories. In this way, the sleek design complemented by spicy accents. The bright and spacious feeling is also extended to the upper floors. Also there is used natural materials such as stone and wooden floors.