Spiral Cutters Recipes – Delicious vegetable noodles for a refined menu

Would you like to try a refined dish, which, with its attractive appearance, makes you feel like a healthy diet? The spiral cutter nowadays enjoys great popularity not without reason. With a spiral cutter, one can prepare versatile dishes that are vitamin-rich and are very suitable for a calorie-reduced diet. In today’s article, we have selected for you delicious and visually appealing recipes for recipes that bring a healthy change into your daily menu.

chicken-zucchini-spirals tomatoes

In the trade, you will find various models spiral cutters for vegetables and fruit. The range of devices is great. In the meantime, you will find Spiralizers, which is no longer only started by hand but are electrically operated and instantly transform vegetables and fruit in raw food spirits for delicious vegetable pasta dishes or salads. Before you buy a spiral cutter, you can inform yourself about the models, your handling and cleaning on the Internet and choose the device, which corresponds to your ideas. There you will find detailed test reports as well as the clear test winner.

fish-spiral tailor-pumpkin noodles

With a spiral cutter, for example, you can prepare healthy vegetable pies, tornado vegetables, spiral potatoes and Julienne endless spirals, in turn, then use them differently and implement them in various delicious dishes. If you like to consume raw vegetables, you can quickly create a tasty salad with vegetable spirals. The delicious pastry tales do not always have to be made of wheat flour. If you want to save on calories, vegetable spaghetti is an ideal alternative, which can also be modified tastefully and optically. Let your creativity run wild and try out new types of preparation and combinations.

If you just have an appetite for a pasta dish, you may want to taste the delicious noodles. The term is a funny word play and a composition of Zucchini and Noodles. You can change the recipe and take carrots instead.

 mint-cucumber-zucchini salad potatoes-tornadoes-wood spit-baked salad-pine nuts-carrot-beetroot salad-zucchini noodles mozzarella spiral tailor-sauce-vegetable pasta salad sweet potatoes-cheese-spinach-fork vegan vegetable-noodle-miso soup walnut-goat cheese salad-spirals