Split room with color and paint

It is often necessary to divide a room, be it a bedroom, living or dining room, to create one separate from the other sectors. Many techniques are used to divide rooms using furniture, rugs, shelves or screens, curtains, paint and colors.
For example for a children’s room shared, you could paint the headboard wall in different colors. It’s always good to separate the two colors with a curtain, a shelf, or at least trim.

soft blue attic bedroom decoration

If you do not like the idea, there’s another simple and delicate, it is to use elements of different colors on each side of the room on a white background, gray or pastel hue combining. For example bedspreads, cushions, shelves and decorative elements of a bed or different for each sector of each child color. This is a very common resource in rooms shared by a boy and a girl , where you can use the classic blue and pink, or opt for other shades.

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In other cases it chooses to divide sections of the same environment, such as a dining room kitchen or dining room. In modern interior designs, sometimes it dispenses with the dining room, and in this case you want to create a difference between the kitchen and living room.

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Sometimes paint all the walls the same color is monotonous in a large room, and only paint one wall a different color will make this industry look standout from the rest. You can paint one wall of the kitchen, a dining room wall, or parad salon. It is important that it is not too big, not shared with other sectors and that the chosen color is used in the rest of the decor in some way or another.

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Other ways to slice the environment is to use a large rug for major furniture together, for example a carpet for all the furniture of the room. It is also often use open shelves, which allow the passage of light without reducing the visual spaciousness, but determines to a space and the beginning of another. In shared children’s bedroom curtains and small shelves are common.

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