Sponge Painting Walls Pictures

When choosing the decor on the walls of our house or local , has much to do with personal taste, and there are different ways to give joy to a bedroom or stay: from painting walls and varied in different shades or colors , apply stickers to the walls or apply gotelé . Although, there are simple techniques to apply a style to the spaces and distributions from your home or local: the art of painting foam .


Painting Technique foam
When painting on the wall with a sponge or cloth is what is called the t There is a technical sponging or mopping . This can be done correctly in two ways:
Lifting and scraping the paint that has been previously treated in the walls.
Now go smearing the walls with a cloth or sponge .
How to properly foaming technique
To learn how to paint with sponge , you have to start painting the surface as is usually done, to stay completely covered. You have to use several layers if necessary for correct base. Best use plastic paints to water.
When dry, give him a coat of oil to glaze the walls .
You have to fold the cloth and go banging against walls painted . It is best to use a good quality cloth, leaving no remains.
Once soaked rag, I replace it.
In the case of using a sponge must do the same process. Hoist the alternative of using sponges with pores larger or smaller for different finishes.

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sponge painting wall

Sponge Painting Walls

Sponge Painting Walls colors

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Sponge Painting Walls Pictures