Spooky Halloween Tree

Reviewing different forms of decorating the house for Halloween , I found that the trees decorated for tonight are a recurring theme. Both are used miniature trees for centerpieces, especially as Christmas trees decorated for Halloween. Not to mention the simple choice to decorate the garden and hang some Halloween decorations from the branches of a tree or shrub.
Therefore, to be in tune with this Halloween, here we will see some simple decorating ideas to tell a spooky tree for Halloween .

Ideas to decorate a tree for Halloween
Where to begin? Should I buy a tree to decorate? Should I spend hours doing one? Well, do not despair. As noted above, the easiest way is to use a Christmas tree . You can use the old plastic tree that you have saved for use each year and to prepare for the occasion.
While you can directly proceed to decorate the tree, a good idea is to paint the black color tree. It is a fairly simple procedure, since all you need is spray paint black. Remember that it is best to do it on the outside, with eye protection and masks, as well as find a corner protected from wind to avoid any accidents.

Of course I do not need to paint the black tree only. Another great option is orange, very much in keeping with the Halloween decorations , but you can also choose other colors or combine them in the way they prefer. You must give a first-hand with spray paint and let dry tree in a ventilated for 24 hours.

Tree Ornaments for Halloween
After painting, you can start with the decorations. In a tree must-haves for Halloween pumpkins , skulls, witches and other décor. A good idea is to hang the tree ghosts, for which you should only use paper towels. In the center of the paper towel, you put a cotton ball or use the same paper as the head of the ghost. Around it, you should adjust the paper towel, securing it with a rubber band or a thread that then you can hang Halloween ghosts in the tree.
Another good idea is to place small confectioners Halloween or candy baskets among the branches, or leave a large gourd full of sweets at the foot of the tree. The problem will prevent children ending up with sweets early. To keep reusing the Christmas decorations. A light guide will be an excellent
complement to decorate the tree.

Alternatives for Halloween tree
If you do not want to use the Christmas tree or looking to make a motif of smaller proportions, even a centerpiece , you can avail yourself of a tree branch with several outbreaks, you probably find in any park, and as big as you want for your décor. Then, you can paint the black branch and place in a pot of orange, or old baker pumpkin shaped, with all the trimmings allusive.
Do not forget the garden also features. If you have a tree, you can decorate it with a lamp or light guide, and put some pumpkins or hang ghosts made from old clothes white.

As we have seen, it is possible to have a spooky Halloween tree without spending much money for it. The decorating ideas for Halloween are several, and some allow you to decorate the house for the occasion without having to invest more than a little imagination. What do you think? Got any ideas for decorating you want to share?