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Now comes the warmth feel like changing the decor and put things fresh and cheerful. That’s why I want to present a collection that was re-edited for the 3rd time! This is the Raffi Wallpaper , a benchmark in the world of design.Raffi There are also exclusive collections for children, but we wanted to focus on flowers. These large roses, an icon of Raffi world are all a Best-Seller!!The nice thing about this paper is that it combines very sweet colors with very bold prints . This makes Raffi wallpapers like everybody. A more conservative with the decor and also the most daring with her.


If you are thinking about how to put a touch of color to your home, the floral prints are the perfect solution. In addition, either in pinks, greens, reds, blues, yellows and oranges, flowers will give a feminine air to the decor and, exist in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors, is easy to choose the pattern that best suits with a particular decoration suggestion: hip and stylish environment, classic or rustic countryside today. In fabrics and upholstery, wallpapers, accessories or directly from nature, in delicate vases, do not hesitate to fill your home with flowers. They are trend!

While normally associate the floral print to the spring-summer season, it is a timeless reason that, to top it off, fits in every room of the house. Please note that if you do not want to risk much, do not need to empapeles with a floral pattern. Suffice to resort to accessories and textiles (pillows, blankets, carpets, etc..) to give a sweet touch to the decor.This wall decorated with a composition of dishes with floral motifs gives us a clue on how to combine colors: use a base color that matches, ie the light background helps create a feeling of continuity and visual unity.

The commitment flowers to decorate the house conveys a sense of freshness, naturalness, color and beauty. Same as when dressing an environment, the ideal is to combine flowers with plain fabrics, to present alternate table color plates smooth with other patterns. If you want a simple style, nothing fancy, it is best that you add small floral details to your bedroom through the bedding, cushions or a rug. remember that whatever option you choose, always florar decor will recreate a vital and lively atmosphere. Here is an example of beige wallpaper and light blue, but also with a pattern that gives it a very modern room.

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