Stainless Steel Kitchens

Decorate stainless steel kitchens, it was confidential until recent years of industrial kitchens or restaurants where hygiene and ease of cleaning stainless steel provides were the only qualities to consider. A stainless steel kitchen , offers great flexibility for the professional user and new kitchen designers have brought to our homes this trend.

Because households, by contrast, the stainless steel was reserved just for sinks or sinks , it was considered a cold material, little decorative and very difficult to maintain in good condition by the ease with which the marks or stains were reflected in it.
“Very easy to clean, but easier still to spot” say yet, wary of the steel, our mothers.

The stainless steel kitchens today
The latest trends in decorating replace all or some of the traditional wood furniture in the traditional design kitchens for the modern stainless steel to give urban flair and minimalist kitchens.

The most current elegance and advantages of stainless steel kitchens have no doubt that we include in our kitchens look like a total, or to take advantage of that elegance in appliances, dash after fires or sink.
Stainless steel kitchens distinguished by their functionality, modern surfaces are treated to facilitate maintenance, improved corrosion resistance and no staining of splashing. Large appliances are integrated going unrecognized or stress surrounding them are wooden.

Because if something is steel combined with wood in all its shades and designers they know how to add warmth to kitchens trend. You can also find unexpected combinations, such as tempered glass or granite.

Fingerprints today easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth without resorting to a thousand and one tricks of our grandmothers to give shine to stainless steel , boiled or vinegars gyn or alcohol rubs that left a terrible smell not only in the kitchen, but throughout our home.

Do not fall into the mistake of confusing kitchen steel kitchen with cold, the woods, some touches of color, natural fibers or textiles will help us take the family warmth that we want in every corner of our house without losing any functionality of their designs.

A single special care: in places near the sea (by salt) or bright we take care of installing stainless steel furniture with a long-term treatment to protect them from such weather.

If you choose a stainless steel kitchen , daily care is as easy as a cloth and water. What you do not expect?