Staircase and desktop at the same time

The staircase that you can see in the pictures that illustrate this article is not a normal ladder. It is not because it was created to meet a specific need which is usually resolve in a different way. It was a challenge for the Dutch Studio Mieke Meijer, who far from panic decided to give free rein to their creativity to conceive a combo ladder and desk which I have to admit that I loved.

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Practical and industrial design

It is a project commissioned by Just Haasnoot have been able to complete this year. The materials used are steel and oak and the structure has 97.5 x 154,5 x 289,5 cm dimensions.

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The creation is called Objet élevé and consists of three parts which are intended to improve the work space. The guys at Studio Mieke Meijer almost always put hands to work thinking about functionality, hence they have been able to figure out how this curious staircase which in turn serves as a desktop.

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There’s no denying that it has a strong industrial character that is capable of generating a strong contrast in a House decorated in the style of the 1930s, as it is the case. There are suspended modules that correspond to the staircase and modules supported on the ground that correspond both to the desktop the first rungs of the ladder. Whatever it is, its creators say that it has become a steep but walkable staircase that manages to keep the transparent nature of design thanks to open frames used.

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