Staircase design – An interior element and many opportunities

To make a staircase in the Interior, every day is a more daunting task. Since we are dealing with a very modern interior design element. It could be run from different materials and also in a variety of forms. Metal, wood and glass are just a few of the many possibilities with which you can count. Here are a few ideas on how to make the staircase.

make stairwell black stepped glass metal railings


The straight stairs is considered to be traditional. But they can vary widely. Here, in varying degrees, they act as modernist and attractive. The combination of metal and glass are currently the most preferred.

Metal staircase design domed

The curved stair

The curved staircase is very attractive, but it is also a major challenge. It shows a wonderful design, looks practical and absolutely up to date.

spiral staircase design make beautiful wohnideen

Stone stairs

The stone steps provide a solid and stable impression. You make present in your private area.

In support of these main types of stairs, one has some different ways in terms of the internal structure. We want to enumerate them like in the following lines.

staircase design black metallgeländer.png

Cantilever stairs

Console stairs are for the clean and minimalist interior design of fundamental importance. You leave very much room for the creative among you.

staircase design Concrete Wood Glass

Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs are great endurance and are traditionally preferred because they provide a warm atmosphere in the House.

staircase design Contemporary wood beautiful

Combination of metal and glass

At the same time creating security and extravagance through the staircase made of glass. You feel this very free in the room. The metal levels provide the perfect writing in the modern design.

Curved staircase with glass steps

Here, again, metal and glass are combined, but the first comes to the railings and the second – on the steps.

Staircase design of glass balustrades illuminated

Luxury in white metal

A real luxury solution would be the white metal. Stairs designs become the turning and pivotal point in modern design, requires which open floor plans.

staircase design metal modern white

Curved stairs made of wood

Also ideal is to make a curved staircase made of wood. This is very suitable for small apartments. Such steps can be combined wonderfully with railings made of metal.

staircase designed curved staircase wood

Stone stairs

In addition to the whole open idea with the stone stairs, also the integrated lighting in the stairway is something that gives a very great appeal the whole design.

staircase design elegant modern living room

Artistic stairs

The ornate stairs give the House the artistic character, which all seek.

staircase design make glass steps

staircase design metal wood glass modern combination

staircase design modern metalsteps

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staircase design Stone stairs elegant modern

staircase design wohnideen beautiful interior design

staircase design wooden modern attractive

staircase designed arched design of glass balustrades

Staircase Ideas Wood Glass railings illuminated

staircase make wood metal combine

staircase metal railing red steps

staircase railing design glass interior design

Stairway make white beautiful wohnideen

Stairway traditional design elegant carpet runner

Stairway white solid design beautiful wohnideen