Stairs for small spaces

Take inspiration from these models if you need to install a ladder and shortage of meters. They are stylish and functional.


Outdoor staircase
Ideal for outdoor use: Rintal proposal is fully protected steel in a bath of zinc that make it suitable for all weather conditions. Thanks to innovative control systems and practices assembly instructions, installation is quick and easy. The screws are stainless steel, and the handrail has an ergonomic shape for easy grip. The basic version consists of 12 steps, universal landing and railing with handrails, and you can customize the scale.

Staircase with trapdoor
In the case of loft ladders there is no gap under its structure, as in conventional models. Are displayed only when needed, so yes, you should monitor that the folding ladder open this hatch is not shock her with any other element, and that on their way to the ground may not be impeded. Under it there are plenty of options to create environments in this case, a study area with bookcase enclosed by a low wall.

Classic staircase, spiral
With this type of stairs is difficult to exploit the spaces left free by the steps. The solution is to highlight their presence and make the star of the decor. In this case, the spiral staircase, very elegant, was completed with a spectacular Murano chandelier. Stresses the library, on two levels, and responsible for the existence of the loft. The bookshelves are glimpsed through the rungs of the ladder flown. Interior, Marisa Gutierrez.

 Masonry staircase 
For the hollow under this loft was designed wardrobe with blue-gray doors. The staircase, resting on the ground and firmly secured by two brackets above designed ad hoc, it seems lighter in contrast with the dimensions of the closet. Interior, Elena López-Fonta. Table and chair, Tree.

Stairs for small spaces



spiral-staircase for small space