Stairs to the pool: access to the enjoyment

No pool is complete without a good team of stairs to enter and exit the water in comfort. Many prefer just diving, but there are those who, for security reasons, require the stairs to use the pool without difficulty. If the pool is small, with only one ladder will suffice. If your extension is wide or too long, then it will be necessary to place a ladder on each end of the pool.

Swimming Pool Safety

There are many choices of stairs to choose from, each with its advantages and peculiarities in regard to design. Select the right ladder depends on the architectural characteristics of the pool, its location and aesthetic style and the needs of those who possess it.

Alternatives pool ladders
The most widespread option are stainless steel stairs with bars fixed to the edge and bottom of the pool for optimum safety. The design of treads thin, space-pool, although there are designs that are adaptable steps become wider for comfort. Some steps include rubber surfaces on the steps to avoid slipping.

Without doubt, the most practical steps in terms of installation are those that come built into the structure of the pool, which allow you to maximize the volume of the pool and maintain their original aesthetic untainted. With the same design, there are also steps of polyester or fiberglass kits applied to pools prefabricated. However, this material does not offer non-slip safety stainless steel bars and the absence of the recently recommended for children, seniors or people with physical difficulties. In many cases, choose to incorporate a steel handrails to enhance stability of who uses the stairs.

Labor pools, built from scratch, build stairs allow completely personalized and tailored to their aesthetics. You can choose the style rounded Roman steps, geometric lines of the ladder angle or even entry in costs, no steps, it requires less effort. If you want to add more comfort without breaking the style of the pool can be integrated as a practical solution movable steel stairs, standing and uninstalled many times as necessary.
An innovative proposal makes the pool are fully accessible for disabled hydraulic lifters. This device is ideal for disabled or elderly, you will be able to enjoy the therapeutic effects of water. This crane is easy to install and fits all types of pools and materials, ensuring maximum security.


Pool Stairs


Stainless Steel Adjustable Stairs