How to Use Basic Design Principles to Decorate Your Home

We always want to the personality of each transmit in our home. today you will find a variety of decorating ideas in one decor , Many feel the need to decorate our House continuously. We have pending paint that room that so many years have been asking for it is never late.

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The style definition

If you go by the rustic whose shades are more clear and smooth, as if you prefer the Hindu style, a new fashion trend, and stylish covering strong colours, or by the typical style classic that ever happens in fashion. There are many styles that we have at our disposal, all with characteristics, and as I said above special to give that personal touch that both want. The style is the first step in the renovation of the home, is the first decision that is taken, and then comes the entire election process.

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Influences of colours and lighting

The psychology of color teaches you to how it affects the latter to the emotions, that is basic to choose the colors of our House or rooms. The use of colors refers also to furniture and decorative accessories. Depending on which room you are painting, we tend to give a color stronger or softer, thus leaving the feeling that we want to transmit to enter.

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When we think of decorating an environment always we think the furniture, paint and many times we forget the lighting. A room may have an as good natural light you don’t need almost light up or anything. It is important to monitor the light of spaces, whether artificial or natural. In lamp commerce makes us see the importance of the different styles of lamps Lighting, where we can light up any room is the color that is. Many times can be a challenge choose a lamp or all the lighting for a room, but it is essential that it is illuminated in a proper way. The best way to illuminate is to create a unique space that encourages the activity of the people in it.

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Distribution and decorative accessories

Once we have come to the conclusion of what style we want a home and what colors will choose for each one of the rooms and taking into account lighting artificial or natural, the last step is the distribution of the decoration. All add-ins in a room are important, good distribution and the right decorative accessories are definitely key to feel that that room is the desired.

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