Steel glass facade is reflected in the water – project Rose house

High in the Ukrainian mountains is a breathtaking residence, designed by the architect Sergey Makhno and recently realised (2017). The project is characterised by a clean silhouette and a rectangular section, characteristic features of contemporary architecture. According to the motto: “less is more”, two materials are applied to the exterior – corten steel and glass. The minimalist steel-glass facade frames the entire outdoor area and makes it the perfect retreat in the open air.

steel and glass facade Japanese-garden-modern-architecture

The subtle facade from Cortenstahl in nature and the architect has inspired himself to name the residence “rose house” after the alive red colour. Although 160 square meters of the house appears uncomplicated, it contains a fullness of exclusive elements. The demanding combination of materials, like steel, glass and concrete provide a feeling of security. Moreover, the conversion of large-size windows leaves open the house and inviting work.
In the outdoor area is an artificial pool with straight outlines. The sky and the breathtaking mountain landscape are reflected in the water. Surrounded by the steel-glass fa├žade, the water surface is given new meaning and becomes a strong expression, a material such as concrete, steel or glass. Through the mirroring, the house loses its outer lines and dissolves visually.
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