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In other times in interior design Which did not Have as much relevance, and writers, scientists and philosophers living Among mountains of paper and garbage, large titles and works surpassed Mental block any product of the disorder. Regardless of odors, spills and waste of previous days, the genius did not stop, on the Contrary, step opened Between the filth. The drafts Were delivered with coffee stains, folded sheets and odors Whose provenance was better not to know. The Important thing was the content of Those With handwritten sheets or the beats of the typewriter. That wonderful gifts to humanity are now Enshrined in beautiful editions.

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Now, in a time When the world has evolved Dramatically and our mind With It, is difficult to conceive of concentration and inspiration with bad smells, towers of useless papers and remains of cold pizza, or maybe not so much, but we dream of much more clean and tidy spaces. Projects That are forgotten Because of daily life but to our mind That eats on multiple occasions, as something to what we devote ourselves to real-build workspace at home. Because, in order, Although We Have the disorder, you’ll always want us dream.

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Do you have plans to rebuild your workspace? Do you want to change That old desktop without a leg and supported partitions? You share some of the best ideas, from desktops to help you on insurance This great exercise in creativity and concentration.

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