Steps to paint wood furniture

Want to renew your decor a bit? One of the cheapest ways to add color and change the style of a room is going, but the walls are not the only things you can paint. A table, desk chairs or painted another color can make your home look completely different, and only for the price of a can of paint and a brush. Painting furniture is also a good way to renew it, especially if it was already beginning to have signs of aging. While painting a piece of furniture is pretty easy, make sure to follow these steps to complete the new is of good quality and will last years.


Sanding is an essential part when painting wood because it will help the paint to grip the surface. If the piece has no plan to paint or varnish finished, you can skip the sanding, but you’ll need it if the surface is rough. Match gently across the surface of the furniture with a 80 grit or 100. Sure to always be in the same direction to prevent marks. Make this part of the slow work, and to help the paint has a better finish. After sanding, clean all the sand the surface with a damp cloth and let the furniture dry for a few minutes.


The primer will help the paint layers regularly cover the surface better, have a better finish and prevent spots to finish painting the piece. Choose a base gray paint as it is easier to cover with any paint color. Although, if you plan to paint your furniture white, used primer of the same color. Remember to use the same basis as regular paint, either synthetic or plastic paint. Some paints now come with the primer already mixed, helping you to save money. When considering using this option, be sure that the brand you are choosing is good quality. One coat is all you need for primer, using a paintbrush or small roller, as these will help you have more control, and covers the entire surface. Do not worry if the primer does not look uniform in color, as this will solve it with regular paint layers. Let the paint dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Use a new brush or roller to paint two coats of paint on your furniture. Make sure to dry the surface for several hours so the paint does not run. Pinta light coats. The best over several finite layers with few thick, since it is not the brush marks will vera. To prevent bubbles looks slow and let the paint dry completely between coats. If you are a beginner, use a small roller, and help you to cover more area faster than a brush. Use a brush on the edges, and wherever they have paint drops. Before painting the second coat, sand lightly where (either by drops or other brush marks or roller) needed. Let dry completely furniture at least 24 hours, as this will help air out the VOC gases. If you can, let the piece dry in the sun as it will help the paint to cure better.


A few coats of polyurethane to help keep your furniture more protection because the paint last longer, other than that the can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Uses water-based polyurethane. Polyurethane has different luster, satin, semi-gloss and glossy, use the one you like deprendiendo when I shine you want your furniture has. Apply two coats, allowing the surface to dry for several hours before application of the second to prevent watermarks. Use a new brush or roller and paint can light. Give your furniture dry for about 72 hours before use to prevent marks. Once the surface is completely dry, it’s time to enjoy your new furniture.