Stool Cardboard Original ideas!

For our new product, we have a little unusual topic selected. Namely, it comes to a stool made of cardboard. If you haven’t heard of it, we will show you just what it actually is! The stool cardboard look simple, but nice and fresh, and can be used as a small side table or bedside table, or even put your feet up while watching TV or reading. The best thing is, you can instantly on this stool and disassemble. Another advantage is that the stool made of cardboard is very light and easily transportable. Although the weight is tiny small, a stool made of cardboard can withstand much. Very thick and robust cardboard is used for the production of these pieces of furniture, which is then pressed and formed. The result is a very capable again stand stool for varied use. Check the best our photos below!

stools of cardboard as the world wallet

beautiful stool cardboard

beautiful stool with butterflies

cardboard cool creative stools from

Papier: Papphocker

great stool from cardboard

green Papphocker for home

paper cardboard selbermachen stool

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Stool cardboard colorful

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