Strong colors on walls

Unless you’re a professional decorator, it is normal mistake when decorating our house. Many times we are guided by a design I saw in a magazine or in a store, and it turns out that our home is not as good as we thought. One of those mistakes so common are the colors of the walls. Says that is strong and bright colors are in fashion, but what is not said is that you can easily fall into a disaster. Fill a room color is not the best option.

wall color once a year can be a refreshing solution. A fresh coat of paint makes your home look new once again. However, before changing the wall color, it is important to follow certain steps so that you don’t go wrong in the choice of colors.
For choosing colors, there are actually no rules! You will get lots of information about the preferable colors for your home, but it’s up to you to settle for the advice offered. Choose only those colors which you like and can live with.

Generally bathrooms and kitchens are lighter colored while bedrooms or living space can be darker. You can also choose your wall color keeping in mind the furniture or carpet colors.  We are all well aware that colors affect the mood of a person. Roughly, they can be classified into 3 major groups:

Cool colors: Light shades of blue and green are considered to be cooler as they are soothing to the eyes. For a relaxed atmosphere, cool colors are the best.  It is common for people to use strong colors like on the walls. But most of the time, the space is too vibrant and walls attract more attention, that the complete decoration. And that’s not what you want, right?  If decorating when you do not know how to incorporate the color, it is best to choose to leave neutral walls in light colors, so you can incorporate the color detail in the accessories, such as carpets, curtains and cushions. When we are not sure of something, keep in mind that less is more.

Always remember to use strong colors in the accessories you can change them in the future when you get bored of them, however, to paint the walls are subject to combine with that color in the future, unless you go back to painting. If you still want more color in accessories, but do not want to overload the room, it is best to choose to paint one wall a deeper color.