Style ideas for establishing a luxurious villa in Thailand

The Iniala Beach House consists of three villas and a penthouse, which together are all in a beautiful complex in Thailand. Each villa has also three suites. Ideas were elected for each of the 10 bedrooms different style to set up, this representing the styles of different areas from anywhere in the world. In this article we want to give you specially the collector there Villa and the style chosen for her ideas to the institution as an example imagine.

baroque gothic style ideas furniture Luxury Side Table

This villa is considered to be the most luxurious of the three villas. As each room was designed by a different designer, you will be surprised upon entering each room on the new. Including ceramics for the walls and columns in the public rooms of the Villa are used as materials for the interior design. Once again shimmering pearls wall colors adorn the spa area, as well as the cinema hall, which can accommodate up to 22 people. Inspiration for the style ideas for establishing served as the designers here the sea shells with their precious pearls.

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Already when entering the Villa, the guests due to the style ideas to set up will be impressed. The entrance hall is supported namely multiple columns, for the entire 600 hour work were necessary. You are covered by traditional Thai dishes. In addition a quiet pool that just invites you to swim. This is equally impressive following living room.

Bedroom White style bed brown carpet desk beach Ideas

Also there dishes was used for decorating, but this time for the walls. The sofa in the shape of a starfish, whose designer Edra is is particularly striking in this room. The ceiling turn original erweise is made of woven straw, which is typical for Thailand and in this case perfectly to the blue-and-white walls as well as ideas for establishing fits the style of the rest.

Design villa thailand beach luxury interior style

This and the other public living areas are designed by the Campana brothers. The designer travelled specially to inspiration and style to collect ideas for establishing through Bangkok and Chiang Mai. They also encountered a temple, where the walls were composed of dishes here. With regard to the choice of colours of blue and white, so they were inspired here by the sea and beach.

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Different designers were responsible for the three suites, as mentioned. The first suite, which we would like to introduce, at the beginning was the apartment of the owner of the complex Mark Weingard. It represents a combination of elegant style ideas to the facility and the beach theme. White light flowing into the room and gold as a symbol for the Sun serve green that symbolizes the nature, as the main colors. The ceiling is vaulted, during which consists of dark hardwood floor. Ideas for establishing this suite are all style by Jaime Hayon.

Dressing table Baroque gold stool tiles black device

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Gothic style furnishings light blue carpet wooden ceiling

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Style baroque Glanzstoff bed headboard pearl shimmer

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