Stylish and Elegant Suspension Lamp 2014

Alessandro Zambelli presented at Maison et Objet 2014, the new family AFILLIA lamps : the installed collection methods , the materials of the South Tyrolean tradition combined innovative technology of professional 3D Print Summary in a new and harmonious .

nylon lampshade

Off of excess and run the risk of contact with the material , Which is sometimes visible in the eyes . This feature of the new collection of lamps created by Alessandro Zambelli for reinstallation . reveal . A name borrowed from botanical science- Afillia plans without leaves , the kind of simplicity and space , air and light .

Oriental Lamps

A family of lighting accessories- mounted , 3 – retreat -3 printing in a pine forest , South Tyrolean mountain wood , handmade, afterwhich the local traditions, it is about a polyamide diffuse (more simple nylon fiber) PM through professional 3D.

Malthus furniture unique pieces or limited series of objects – literally printed by this leading-edge technology : machine paper Integrates harmoniously the skillful intervention of craftsmen of this shapeless polymer block, bring to light the issue politically and manually completed , so did a personal brand on each creation .

In the center of the object a light diffuse Which encloses and decorates the room : fine textures : such as Trina , In Their geometric shape in slim transparent swirls flattened origami . The lights that float freely in space and create shadows change unexpectedly in spherical gold, light and compact: Pneumatics / Hydraulics in between form and matter , light and air .

rustic table lamp handmad

reinstallation . HSL , a company brand Brought thirty first Italian digital technologies and additive manufacturing , with Which They made 25 years running -is specialized in the production of design objects by professional 3D printing .