Stylish DJ table to build your own

Like I passionate DJ would have been, much had to decide but unfortunately too early for another way. In the next life! 😉 Then I want to build a great DJ table me, Easily from aluminum rods or wooden rod.

build dj romantic female pink itself

Very basic, with space for Technics turntables, CDJ, OPTIONALLY Including a monitor Mini PC (ThinkPad x 230) or just the laptop. When the work is super flexible pipe connectors, one Could construct so the table did he remains portable, so taken with each appearance, and almost can be built.

dj console table build keyboard cdj turntables manual

Furniture pipes are indestructible, last forever and can be designed to according to Their Own key. The connectors are somewhat expensive if you buy them new. On eBay to get used it for Approximately half. I am a DJ Console Assembly instructions with parts and prices in here soon. So, stay tuned;)

dj console itself build instructions

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dj table build your own guide parts

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