Stylish Interior design studio 2016

Vives presents a study Conducted by the Department of Interior design and projects. Where are the moles Protagonists In This study vertically.

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A youth House, modern and Adapted to the needs of young people. Where the design is the main attraction. Created with one of The most striking finishes Vives, black polka dot Senkel collection.

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A black covering basic full of polka dots of colors, getting a fresh and casual air. With combined Civic, a porcelain That emulates the concrete, with an Industrial style, doing this duplex home in fresh and daring.

Civic, Which is Repeated in all the rooms of the House, you has-been formally used for covering walls and two baths. His large-format 60x120cm, Manages to create greater continuity in walls and floors of the House. Also offers special parts and how  rungs, That is have clad the stairs of this study.

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Senkel and black in size 30 x 60 cm. are the two remaining walls, bringing the note of Taupe two plants of the study.

The House has a rectangular structure, with an access ramp for the entrance of light vehicles. Also it has an outdoor area is framed as a garage That Where They protect the car. The House entrance leads to the living area shares space Which With The dining room and kitchen, polka dot wall about established. Right next to this, and under the stairwell there is a sink with laundry area.

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Notably, the area of ​​the library Which is designed exploited the gap of the stair handrail. This library Separates the Hall stairs and any Continues up to the top floor, framing the bedroom area, creating a space for the bed.

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Next to the bedroom, in the same space is designed an office area and a small dressing room. Bath, is a simple, modern design, with Civic, Which Brings the naturalness of the concrete-clad walls and soil and create a sophisticated and current space.

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