Stylish wall decals as original wall clocks

If you have chosen to your apartment to redecorate, then wall decals are a brilliant design idea. Beautify the spaces at points and stand with their unusual design of ordinary decoration from.

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Wall tattoo wall clocks are on the rise. For trend-conscious people a visual feast for the eyes. The wall decals come in all original shapes – some are classic, modern, or other crazy freaky in the best sense. Wall Clocks as wall tattoos are simply an unbeatable decoration.

Wall Decal Clock notes
The wall tattoo wall clock “grades” inspired by their detailed, lovingly crafted notes optics. The mix of music notes and clefs is not only the music lovers in ecstasy.

This original clock is a unique wall decoration that adorns each room.

Wall Decal Clock “tree with sweet birds”
For all romantics and nature lovers, the wall tattoo wall clock with ornate tree and the sweet little birds is a wonderful decoration idea.

Whether living room, dining room or another room – this original wall clock is a real eye-catcher.

Wall Decal Clock “Retro Squares”
A must for all retro fans: The Wall Decal Clock “Retro Squares”. Five squares in retro style and in different sizes The square shapes are arranged so that a multi-dimensionality arises – very fancy.

A different wall clock with the certain extra spice. Surprise guests with this unusual wall decoration.
Wall Decal Clock “Flower Power”
The flower children are back with the Wall Decal Clock “Flower Power”. Those who want to feel again as a hippie, for the original flower wall clock a great wall decoration.

Relax and kick back happy. With a happy smile on his face you travel in thought in the Flower Power period of the 60s and 70s. An unforgettable trip with the help of a wall clock as wall decals.
Wall Decal Clock “Big Numbers”
A wall clock from large numbers as a Wall Decal is a great eye catcher. If you have no desire for the classic watch design, this wall tattoo Clock is the perfect solution.

Unusual and especially in the design of the wall clock with large numbers is an imaginative wall decoration.

Wall Decal Clock “arrows”
Modern, cool, innovative, self-willed, oblique. These are just a few adjectives that “arrows” apply to the Wall Decal Clock.

With this original Designuhr as an attractive wall tattoo you will bring your guests to marvel. A really groovy decoration idea that is simply fun.

Wall Decal Clock arrows
Not just for comic fans an absolute highlight: The wall tattoo wall clock in the shape of a speech bubble – individually and lovingly decorated.

If you are looking for a very original decoration for your wall, the wall clock “speech bubble” is just the thing for you. Plain and simple class.
Wall Decal Clock “eddy”

You would like to combine a great wall clock with an unusual decoration idea? The Wall Decal Clock “vortex” is all together: formidable clock and super wall decoration.

You can choose between many different colors, so the colors can be perfectly matched with your apartment.

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