Sun protection in the Garden ideas 2016

Summer, sun … Sun protection? We all looking forward the summer when we can finally spend the free hours of the day in your own garden: here is breakfast on weekends, here the children play in the afternoon and the evening is heralded with a cold drink on the terrace. The we spend more time in the summer months in the garden, it is the more important, however, to provide for a shady spot. In the garden, we can show you the best ways for a sunshade.

awnings in the exotic garden

If your property has mature trees, you have to worry is hardly to sun protection – mother nature creates cool cookies all by itself. ie but in young gardens set on a natural protection from the sun, by opting for a delicate pergola of iron, for example, which you fill with climbing plants. The ivy, grow plants examined, above all usually significantly faster than a tree, so did you can already benefit after two to three years away.

parasol provides protection from the sun in the garden and comfort

A tip: Be sure to build your pergola with a little distance to the terrace. In this way, she can occupy a leading role in the garden design not too solid to be. Should you plan to invest in a future sun protection and planting appropriate trees, you can decide, for example, for a. Thesis trees make a pleasant canopy out under which you are well protected from sun and light rain.

pergola with plants as a sunshade for garden

The umbrella of long beach days is most known. But who now thinks did umbrellas are gene rally colorful floral and have a bracket did somehow always is in the way, still no acquaintance with the modern models made: well established providers like you will find a wide range of traditional garden parasols and to flexible light screens, which can be perfectly adapted to the local conditions and even out on the terrace or the balcony wall is installed. In contrast to the Pergola umbrellas therefore are ideal for smaller gardens, as they are very compact and can be easily be removed if necessary.

create sunshade in garden with awning

The awning is located in the upper price segment for good reason: if you want brown to let you easily rolled up, and if you are looking for a shady spot, it shuts off awnings are ideal for small gardens, where the terrace is the place of the head office and must be usable for this reason in all weather conditions. You can drive the awning exactly as much as you need sun protection. The traditional model is firmly installed on the house wall, while the so-called “terminal” awning using iron bars between floor and ceiling mounted (pinched) is. A tip: The latest generation of awnings is electronically operated and has even to integrated UV light filter. If you so choose a very durable model, the awning in addition offers protection against wind and rain (no heavy rain!).

two modern awnings in garden

Recalls the “arch type” of the sail, as the name already suggests, on a ship sailing: it’s a triangular benthic, usually white cloth all which is clamped by post using. Since at awning can be used almost anywhere, you can firmly an anchored it on the house wall, between the branches of your trees, and free-standing poles and tension post. If you would, once followed a larger area, for example, for a garden party, you can combine several solar panels overlap. If you decide for a fixed permanent solution, so to awning made of a durable polyester fabric is defying the wind and weather. A tip: If the sail is mainly serves as a sunshade, make sure that it has a UV coating. Mean while, there are solar panels in all colors – let your creativity run free!