Sunshade or what? Find the perfect shade for the hot summer!

The beautiful summer is finally back and come with it also the hot days and warm evenings. As we begin to crave us to a safe shade. Thank goodness there are a numerous variety of umbrellas for every taste in the trade. For example, you can decide between a classic parasol and a sunshade. Also in the shapes and the colours and the materials used refer to a broad spectrum. For this season, white linen is totally in vogue. You can choose but also other colours and why not send strips that look always fashionable.

sunshade parasol modern fabric sunscreen

For those of you who simply boring round screens, there are stylish, rectangular variants. The many designers are available on market umbrellas, which are then also slightly more expensive. Depending on what budget you have, you can find the right solution.

sunshade parasol stripe yellow white

What should you consider when buying an umbrella anyway?

Let us begin with the stability. With an umbrella the mast, or even medium stock carrying the most weight called. For this reason, the material should be robust. Metal and wood come in question here. Your screen should be but also weather resistant, because he is almost always out there. Eucalyptus and aluminium would be a perfect choice for the mast. As a stock of means of will also provide an optimum ease of screen. You will be able quickly and easily somewhere else to place the parasol.

sunshade parasol lemon yellow

The material is not less important, or rather the covering. The best choice here would be acrylic. This material is not only UV resistant, but also water – and stain-resistant. In addition, it bleaches out hardly. Cotton and linen are also eligible. There you have the disadvantage that this natural fiber are not so easy to care for and but as show quite sensitive when it comes to dirt and moisture. Of course also the orientation of the umbrella comes finally. Here the sunshade proves particularly useful. He has no classical mast, but a central dome, which stands on the side and in this way keeps more precious shady space free. Such screens are especially recommended for small balconies or terraces.

sunshade parasol striped fabric shade


With fixed parasols, you should consider in any case that they need a tilt mechanism. You can keep a always accurate alignment to the Sun.

Are you now know what you would like to buy for an umbrella? Well, then we wish you a wonderful summer with long warm days and relaxing shades!

sunshade parasol stand Metal White Linen   sunshade parasol wooden pole was material sunshade umbrella fabric standing red stripes white sunshade umbrella fabric striped sunshade umbrella Fabric White sunshade umbrella solar lights material sunshade umbrella standing stylish