Superb flat radiators is perfect addition to the interior

We present some interesting ideas for radiator from Zehnder – the perfect addition to your interior. The radiator consists of flat, instead of round pipes constituting a panel. You have a great advantage – they are more efficient and produce better heat convection. This method of heating has proven to be energy efficient and produces a lot of heat. At the same time, this model takes much less space in comparison to other traditional radiators.

flat panel radiator with towel rail

The Radiators from Zehnder can be mounted on the wall and look as more like a decoration. He is even offered in different colors and with different surfaces, so that everyone has the perfect design for your own equipment can be found. From neutral colors on deep green color or bright yellow – there are different versions for all interiors. Zehnder is known for its high quality designer radiators and offers not only individual models, but complete heating systems for the whole house. The talented designers who stand behind every collection, offer not only practical and beautiful, but also environmentally friendly solutions , which are suitable for every room and every room design.

flat wall radiator

flat panel radiator white

flat radiator hot water

flat panel radiator vertical

flat panel radiator valves

chrome flat vertical radiator

eco flat vertical radiator

flat white radiator

silver flat vertical radiator

white flat vertical radiator

flat water radiators