Sustainable Builing from recycled materials


The concept of Morar in Belo changed our idea of horizons, how you can deal with materials already used. Because the challenge to create environmentally friendly and economical facilities, will be increasingly charged.At the same time you want to never have to the luxurious and sophisticated appearance. The residence today is exactly the – a sophisticated solution of modern architecture with super sustainable building materials.

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The effort was not this small. 88 specialists from various fields such as architects, decorators, landscape and other designers were involved in the project. As a result, there was however 59 rooms, which fascinate the audience again and again. It developed so 59 models of sustainable art, which can be applied in various other contexts. It stirred around in the various types of waste. That were remnants of construction sites, window, as scrap. All these are indeed valuable materials, which have gained a new life.

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Grilles and gates were used to separate different areas and spaces from each other. Bottles of wine were to stand by the lamps or tables. Wooden pallets were the most varied mix. The recovery is sometimes much more original than the listed examples.Sometimes, they go through chemical processing to be used in walls. Nothing should be lost! This is one of the main ideas in the architecture of this residence and its design.

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Want to let us look at the images up close a few? Shortly after the entrance we find a work by the artist Hugo Gomes. It has created a work of art from recycled materials, which corresponds with its forms and colors of the flowers in the garden. They brought pallets as vegetation Panel used on the front facade. The project respects and enhances the original facade of the residence.Raissa Fortes and Bárbara Guedes newly covered two of the walls. One has thus created a mood of the amplitude. The dark soil gives the whole refinement. While the yellow light appears as a very charming element which plain the whole thing in a great manner. The Bank to this sink was taken from a ravaged home. Nothing is lost in the project by Cristiane Terra e Cláudia Zócoli.

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It looks exactly also in all other spaces! Look at everything and convince yourself how beautiful can be the environmentally friendly design.

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