Swedish apartment of 33 square meters

Today we would like to show you a beautiful Swedish apartment just 33 square meters that has captivated us, basically, for good distribution of space and simplicity of its decoration. In fact it is this simplicity which lies, in our opinion, their success.


We will not see in this spectacular apartment decor unique pieces or exuberant color combinations. No, this apartment is a perfect example of that, with elements as simple and cheap, most are from Ikea, you can get a decoration “magazine”.

One thing that must be recognized, is that the wood floor is beautiful, and not exactly a floating platform such as those typically installed in houses medium-low. Maybe it’s the part that has invested more-within which are only 33 meters square – although maybe in Sweden this is a very normal soil, or even that the house already had this land before it was acquired by the present owners.

As we can see from the pictures, the main room of this apartment Swedish is the lounge, which also serves as a bedroom, and is 33 meters given for what they give, of course. We can also see a simple coat rack next to the bed-solved-perhaps worst, a small desk and a dresser metal, it will surely come great as extra storage.
The kitchen has been a good part of the few square meters of the apartment, so have been able to afford even a table and chairs, for dining. No doubt the large windows of the apartment makes it all gain in amplitude, and the kitchen is no exception.

As we can see, the ground is the same as the rest of the apartment, wood, and furniture have chosen a shade of green that I personally did not get too excited. The top wall is protected by a small strip of tiles, leaving the rest of the plain white walls, so if we liked.
As always we analyze some apartment, we love the detail of the plants that dot the rooms. Definitely get a touch of color to the room, and some life. Whenever we see pictures of homes where there is not a single plant seem to be empty, like something is missing that the whole of life.

Ultimately we have found an apartment where you have taken advantage of their few square meters, remember that they are only 33 -, and which have been known to decorate with a very tight budget and get a very respectable result, is not it? .



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