Tablecloths and doilies

The choice of what to put on the table of your stay to “decorate” and give a little ‘color of the house depends a lot on what you do every day use of this element, if, as often happens in modern homes, the living area also includes the ‘ kitchenette, then the so-called dining table serving at every meal and therefore, even if there are no guests, it is used three times a day, usually on the contrary if you eat in the kitchen, unless of course you do not have people over for dinner, the table will remain free for other activities and it will be advisable not to leave it completely empty.


First of all, so let’s see what is possible to put on our dining room table when we should not apparecchiarlo to eat us, rather than to leave bare and abandoned. Everything depends on the style that characterizes our stay : in environments classics , maybe furnished with furniture ‘antiques, are perfect so-called doilies , those of lace or those realizzavano our grandmothers to crochet . Once it was very common objects, today many young people in their homes do not possess even one, but probably looking at some old trunk or even simply asking the mother will reperiranno different, partly because many regions, especially in the south of our country, boast an ancient craftsmanship much appreciated and famous.

If our living room is furnished with taste purely modern nothing is more perfect than a runner colored , that matches perfectly to the shade of the tentsor cushions of furniture. With the word runner is intended to indicate a tablecloth long and narrow at the center of the table , which does not need that to cover only a part, the central one, so that we can support something, such as a vase, without ruining the surface and at the same time giving it a personal touch.

Now we come to the element prince of the table, or the tablecloth . When you invite someone to eat at our house, some offer an excellent dinner is essential, but so is what it looks like our own tables and therefore the equipment is a decisive factor. In the art of receiving, the tablecloth is an important element because a table showing well prepared and his choice must always be carefully considered : first, while respecting the living environment, you have to choose the fabric best suited to the occasion. If we organized a formal dinner is fine tablecloths prefer classics, such as those in linen , in damask or lace , while for a normal dinner with friends will do a normal tablecloth cotton or, if there is a special occasion such as Christmas you can choose tablecloths themed in the colors and motifs recall the party atmosphere.

Today is back very fashionable even the so-called table habillĂ© , or the sottotovaglia , it is right to know that this has to come almost to the ground, while the cloth that goes over should have a fall a bit ‘higher than the normal 45-50 cm when we speak of a square table and 35 cm in the case of a round. It’s good then that our tablecloth is always washed and ironed to perfection, but never starched and perfumed, not to disturb the guests during the meal. However, when you are about to buy a tablecloth for the table of our stay must be very careful to several factors: first, the choice of fantasy and color, which can not fail to consider the fact of having to pull perfectly not only the tones that distinguish the dinner service (the so-called “good”) and the glasses , but also the typical colors of all the furniture in the living area.

For example, if our service is decorated it will be good to opt for a plain tablecloth , maybe a pastel shade, clear and gentle reminders that somehow the reason of the dishes, but if the latter are white or at least one color, you can choose a colorful tablecloth , embroidered which is designed depending on the style that is most suited to our home, the important thing is that however we match you well not only to the shape and color of the dish but to the whole environment.

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