Take advantage of small children rooms

Most of us have to deal with the same problem: the lack of space in the different rooms of the home. Unfortunately, the proliferation of mini-stories in most of the cities is a reality and can do little to prevent it. So, we have to let your imagination and find solutions to take advantage of the different rooms of the home.

Today, for example, we want to give you some tips for you to decorate the best possible children’s bedrooms whose main characteristic is its small size. Furthermore, it should be noted that this type of stay seems to shrink as children grow. Have not you noticed? Well, we do not entertain more: going beyond our tips!

As you mentioned, children’s bedrooms seem to shrink as time passes. Therefore, it is best to rationalize the space from the beginning, studying well the distribution of the zones. In addition, we recommend the compact furniture, consisting of triple bunk beds trundle train type, in addition to the bed, have a storage area which is a great solution for storing toys, clothing or accessories for school. Additionally, high beds are ideal to save space, as they are equipped with drawers and trundle for overnight guests when they come.

Bespoke furniture
Of course, the best for these rooms are made furniture, especially if these are multifunctional: separators-shelf-trunk headboards, bunk-wardrobe .On the other hand, although you can give to bookstores shelves or racks replacing them on the wall, you can not do without the cabinet, preferably, should draw up an entire wall, especially if it is built. You also can not forget that children are increasingly asking to consoles, so it would be nice erect a module to place these pieces.

Study area
Finally, keep in mind the study area, which should preferably be under the window.