Techniques for decorating walls

If you are thinking of giving a touch of originality to your home , the way you decorate the walls of the house can really help achieve that purpose. Do you know any technique to paint walls other than what is normally used to decorate a home? In this article Decorablog ‘s how to give a different touch the walls of the house.

Techniques for decorating walls

Painting is the basis of all decoration. With it you can give it a more casual look to any room. For example, the children’s room can be really good if painted with the technique of sponge bath.

With a comb or sponge paint
With bath sponge very pretty textures are achieved to decorate the walls. When you go to paint the room choose paint two colors, one for the base and another for finishing with sponge. For example, the base may be white and the finishing, violet. You paint the wall with a brush or roller. Once this has dried coat of paint, wet the sponge in the other pot of paint and wall restriegas vigorously.

On the other hand, if you always attracted the striped walls for painting is a technique that you should know. It is the method of combing. First you apply a regular coat of paint. Then as the wall is still wet, you take a comb to paint and raisins on top. You will create a trail of paint that will be similar to scratching that you like. The effect is very interesting without papering the wall.

Techniques for decorating wall

The mopping
Do you know the technique of mopping? Can apply the adding or removing paint. ‘ve Always apply a base paint. Before it dries, if you apply the paint removing mopping will have to take the rag and go lifting of the paint that is already on the wall. If you want to use is mopping adding paint, dip the rag in another color and paint over.