Televisions hang – hints of the wall mounting, optimal height & CO up.

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Nowadays a flat picture television takes mostly a central place in the living room and can be integrated very well into every equipment . Because modern TV devices become bigger always flatand , they come hung up in the wall particularly well to the validity . Thewall assembly saves place  and cares for a visual experiencelike in the cinema .

Before you hang up your television, however, you should pay attention to some points. Read here that is the best height and what one must know on top of that.

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In the manual can be checked whether itself the television set is suitable for the fixing in the wall. Nearly all flat picture televisions have special thread quenchers for the admission of attachment systems in the back wall. These thread quenchers have a given distance from each other in accordance with the standards VESA (video Electronics standards Association). The Vesa standard is given mostly, but if not, one can determine the VESA degree also himself.
If one has before to hang a Curved television on the wall, should decide best on a swiveling wall fixture. So one can get the best sight of the device, no matter where one sits in the space. The bent Screen offers only with a central position the promised three-dimensionalities, while it can come in a case of lateral consideration for clear distortions. Besides, the standing off edges of the bent display can look a little bit strange with the wall assembly.
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