Tents with 3D landscapes

The 3D tents represent a real revolution in the field of curtains .Made by Eric Klarenbeek , the 3D tends give access to a panoramic unusual windows and balconies , because thanks to the special nature representations in 3D seems to live in the midst of nature.Finally in the house you can have curtains alive , who speak and involving .

Landscapes Shower Curtains

For an apartment to the sea, we were asked to design the curtains for living rooms. So we designed a sea view in 3D, overlapping 3 types of panoramic images with different depths . So, imagine you give life to your window that faces the street with beautiful views of nature.

The show is a must
And at night it fills up the whole even more magic. The dim lights of the night outside make the scenarios more realistic.In short, a wonderful invention, which I’m sure will soon take root in our homes. Surely if there is something we all seek to have a house is the view from outer space, but though often and especially today, this possibility is increasingly reduced by the tendency to live in small apartments without further hearing, the opportunity to enjoy a charming landscape is not entirely discarded thanks to Eric Klarenbeek design studio, who designed “Deluge 3D Curtains,” a series of 3D shades that offer a magical access to the most beautiful panorama. The idea the creation of these curtains, came at the request of an apartment on the beach of Knokke, Belgium that needed curtains for the living room and bedrooms.

Thus, for the living room curtain created a sea view, made ​​from 3 layers of gauze curtain, these three layers of fabric are able to give the depth effect.  At the rear, the department has an unpleasant view a block of flats so it was also necessary to create a series of curtains, this time with two glasses of gauze and animal motifs and vegetation.

I have no doubt that these shades have been designed and built so well that at times it is nearly impossible to tell if the view through them is reality or illusion. The tents are printed with different 3D landscapes , made ​​according to your requests.



Curtain stage 3D landscape



Landscape Curtains