The advantages of the new large refrigerators

At the IFA exhibition 2015 presented a model of new large refrigerators. It distinguished himself above all as a result, that keeps our food fresh longer. The innovations are new departments and technologies which reduce energy consumption by 25%.

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Particularly environmentally conscious consumers should be of them fascinated.
According to old way of thinking you would judge it so, that the larger refrigerators consume more and more energy. In this case it is the opposite. Energy saving comes straight through the additional departments.

Kitchen furniture large fridges with freezer models

You can open only certain areas. This can save much more than if you’d do everything at once. The heat loss is reduced this new large refrigerators to 47%.┬áThe new large refrigerators have a new compressor of the line. This model reduces the friction. That alone makes more effectively by 32% and 25% quieter.

Kitchen furniture sized refrigerators with a freezer below

A new smart system can provide for the early diagnosis of the problem. This where the damage occurred and what he is determined now. Creates an instant connection to the call center and from there you get support for the solution of the problem.Only with greater damage, you must find a technician on-site. Also, this large modern refrigerators save you lots of money!

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