The beauty of old paint

Many times it is intended that the painted object, typically a piece of furniture, having a paint shabby appearance, which shows the latter delicately object as a decoration rustic , depending on the degree of wear of paint.


Most of the time to achieve the effect of old paint is necessary to use different techniques, which simulate in one form or another over time in the paint and well made ​​look amazing reach. Here are some:

It is an ancient French technique with which it creates an effect of wear of the paint on the furniture or any object, revealing the old paint or natural wood .

In applies new furniture varnish or paint color, depending on what we want to surface as “old color”. Then apply a coat of plastic or latex paint once dry which must be sanded in certain areas in order to remove material to expose directly the surface of the wood or the previous color. Finally can apply a coat of bitumen of Judea thus gives the furniture a darker shade and aged, or a coat of water-based varnish to protect it.

This technique also simulates the wear on the paint or other material, showing a background color and the effect of wear time. Is achieved by applying a coat of paint, letting it dry and apply a second coat of another color in a lighter. The latter must be removed unevenly across the surface and in some areas, with a cloth to simulate the effect of wear.

I occasionally talk about the different ways to make a crackle , and materials that are needed. With this technique simulates the cracked paint, which can be done on wood or even on the walls. The crackle furniture look fascinating and is recommended for longer applying a protective layer of matte water varnish or bitumen of Judea.

One way or another you can use these techniques to create amazing effects. Remember to practice on a piece of wood before putting it into reality.

beautiful bronze chandelier







beauty of old paint