The bedroom dresser Cascade of Martin Gallagher

A breathtaking bedroom we would like to introduce chest of drawers in this article. It is especially then a perfect choice if you are looking for a piece of furniture, that both modern and simple yet interesting accents, has. The chest of drawers, which today is, exactly brings with it. It has a modern, simple form, which resembles a box, where this design handmade items is broken and receives such a unique look. These elements were inspired by the beach and sea. The design comes from the Irish designer Martin Gallagher, who is an avid surfer.

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The bedroom chest of drawers consists of five drawers. They have no handles, but opened by pressing. This supports the simple design with no unnecessary gadgetry. The above mentioned elements, reminiscent of the waves of the sea stretching along the surface of the dresser. The drawers are opened, a more interesting effect. The shaft elements are broken in original. If this bedroom too bad are you Dresser for the bedroom and they would rather put them to the show, you can use them like for another room. Namely, it fits in any rooms.

Bedroom Chest of Drawers element waves schulfaecher Gallagher

The designer also boasts other designs for the bedroom dresser. If you are looking for a design that has no special effects, then the Ardara sideboard is an also great variation. It consists of two side cabinets and three drawers. The surface is wonderfully suitable for setting up different decorations. The same simple design makes it perfect for any other rooms also this chest of drawers.

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Cascade bedroom dresser schulfaecher Design Idea

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