The best decorating ideas for the car

Single decorative elements on your own car enjoying ever greater popularity. The personal touch of jewelry is in demand particularly for large events and so are wedding cars spruced up with flowers, to sporting events, country or team membership symbolizes with flags and ribbons or released around Christmas time more four-wheeled reindeer on the road. But also in everyday spice eyelashes and flowers on the vehicle and bring some color to the gray asphalt.

DIY projects car ornament car colorful eyes

The classic: Homemade. The eyelashes make the small car somehow sympathetic. Inspired by the Pixar Movie “Cars” personalize the lashes of any car and get good especially for car drivers.¬†The colorful: Flowers, stars, small animals – of creativity are with car stickers no limits. Whether subtle wink smileys¬†on the side mirrors, colorful flowers extensively distributed over the whole body or completely to crochet, is even left each. The fact is that the car has a high recognition value and must be not long sought on large parking places.

DIY projects car decorations Christmas star lights car

The Saisondeko: Santa says Hello! Just the string of lights attached to the car or on the hood and finished the moving reindeer is antlers in the doors and a red plush nose about the manufacturer logo. But even bunny ears for Easter or flags that symbolize throughout the year the membership of a particular group, are popular accessories.

DIY projects car ornament car colorful floral pattern

The wedding car: White for the happy couple a decorative floral arrangement on the hood for the guest grinding mirrors, door handles, or the antenna – the classic among the be decoration of the wedding parade enjoys undisputed popularity. It is important that just flower arrangements are properly attached. When passing over the highway they should be taken off better.

Cart diy car projects wedding jewelry retro black

Every owner can decide for itself looks like the decoration for the car. There are only a few single schemes. It is important that the indicator is not covered as well as rear – and front panel are free and that the decoration – for faster or slower ride – no other road users at risk. In addition, it is advisable to remove all jewelry items, as this could adversely affect the value of a vehicle from a used car purchase by a dealer.

DIY projects and creative car ornament car decoration

DIY projects car ornaments women car pink eyelashes